OPSU Electronic Services

Student Email

OPSU faculty and staff use your OPSU student email account to stay in contact with you. Your student email account is firstname.lastname@opsu.edu. If you have problems accessing your email contact the Student Affairs Office in SL 101 or at 580.349.1360.

Please Note: Even when forwarded from your OPSU account, other Web Mail accounts cannot be considered reliable for delivering official OPSU information. It is advised that you occasionally check your student account through the link above.

To access your student email account:

  1. Select the “Student Email” link from the Quick-links menu in the top right corner of www.opsu.edu.
  2. Enter your username (firstname.lastname) and your password. Your default password is the last 5-digits of your social security number.
  3. Once you are into your student email account, find the “Options” tab on the menu and you can change your password and set up forwarding rules so your student email will forward to your personal email account.

OPSU Student Information System (SIS)

OPSU SIS will allow you to view your grades, check your bill and print your own class schedule. You will need to enter your campus-wide ID number (found on your student ID card) and your PIN. You can get your PIN from Student Affairs when you get your ID or from your faculty advisor.

To use OPSU SIS:

  1. Go to www.opsu.edu and “SIS Login” from the Quick-links menu in the top right corner.
  2. At the SIS homepage select the “Enter Student Services” option.
  3. You can enter OPSU SIS by entering your Aggie Access user ID and password (see below) or by entering your campus-wide ID number (found on your student ID) and your PIN (found below).

Aggie Access

Registering for Aggie Access will allow to sign up for voice, text or email notifications of campus emergencies. We will be adding additional features to Aggie Access in the future, so it is a good idea to keep this account up-to-date.

To register for Aggie Access:

  1. Select “Sign Up For Aggie Access” from the menu on the left side of www.opsu.edu.
  2. At the Aggie Access log-in page select “Aggie Access Activation.”
  3. Follow the steps in the activation wizard to get fully signed into Aggie Access. You will need your social security number, date of birth and your PIN (found below). You will get a user ID (looks like an email address) and password for Aggie Access.

    *When entering your authorization number, you will need to know the domain for your cellular phone company. The major, nation-wide carriers are listed. The domain for PTCI is @mail.ptci.mobi and the domain for Epic PCS is @epicpcs.com.