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President's Message

President Dr. Tim Faltyn

Welcome to the Panhandle family!

You have made an excellent choice. At Panhandle, we believe that learning happens everywhere, on and off campus. With your safety and the best possible student experience atop our priority list, we know how to make this one of the most meaningful times of your life. As President, I represent thousands of faculty, staff, community members and alumni that have dedicated themselves to making sure you have the best experience possible. As a student, your part is to commit to finish what you start and to engage in the academic excellence as well as the campus activities we offer. If you do this, we are confident that you will not only learn, but that you will progress into the kind of professional that our society needs to remain on the cutting edge of greatness.

We pride ourselves on our ability to help our students achieve the promise of their potential. We have been successful in achieving this goal since 1909, because we surround our students with people who care just as much about their success as they do. Then we will remain by your side from the time you apply until decades after graduation. Remaining committed to our simple, yet time proven, motto of "Progress Through Knowledge" is not always easy, but with alumni in all 50 states and over two dozen foreign countries we have proven time and time again, that from here you can go anywhere, do anything and achieve any level of success that you are bold enough to dream. All you must do is meet us at the doorway to your future.

It’s a good day to be an Aggie!

Dr. Tim Faltyn, President