OPSU Personnel Directory

List Alphabetically:
Baeza, Reyna
Title: Upward Bound Program Facilitator
Office: HFH 205
Phone: 580.349.1409
Bailey, Margie
Title: Adjunct English Instructor
Office: HMH 133
Phone: 580.349.1476
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Batenhorst, Mandy
Title: Bookstore Manager
Office: Bookstore
Phone: 580.349.1399
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Begley, Eric
Title: Director of High School and Community Relations
Office: SL 126
Phone: 580.349.1396
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Bensch, Curtis
Title: Associate Professor of Agronomy
Office: SAB 115
Phone: 580.349.1503
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Bird, Julia
Title: Lecturer/ Business Administration
Phone: ..

Book, Julie
Title: Assistant Professor, English
Office: HMH 312
Phone: 580.349.1492
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Brakhage, Lynna
Title: Director, RN-to-BSN Program Associate Professor of Nursing
Office: HSH 304
Phone: 580.349.1428
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Branstine, Matthew
Title: Biology Instructor
Office: SAB 222
Phone: 580.349.1532
Brantner, Sharon
Title: Assistant Professor of Accounting
Office: CH 101A
Phone: 580.349.1468
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Photograph of Breeden, Joe
Breeden, Joe
Title: Associate Professor of CIS / Computer Graphics
Office: CH 104A
Phone: 580.349.1469
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Photograph of Bryant, David
Bryant, David
Title: President
Office: SL 142
Phone: 580.349.1302

Burleson, Apryl
Title: Financial Aid Counselor
Office: SL 114
Phone: 580.349.1588
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