OPSU Personnel Directory

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Photograph of Hale, Voncille
Hale, Voncille
Title: Adjunct Instructor Developmental Studies
Office: SL 312
Phone: 580.349.1420
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Photograph of Hardman, Alton "Tony"
Hardman, Alton "Tony"
Title: Director of Library
Office: ML 103
Phone: 580.349.1542
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Photograph of Harland, Richard
Harland, Richard
Title: Associate Professor of Psychology
Office: HMH 201
Phone: 580.349.1470
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Harris, Robyn
Title: Instructor of Accounting
Phone: ..

Photograph of Helms, Hue
Helms, Hue
Title: Instructor of Industrial Technology / Dept Chair of INDT
Phone: 580.349.1448
Photograph of Henderson, Howard
Henderson, Howard
Title: Director of Technology
Office: SL 210
Phone: 580.349.1380
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Photograph of Henderson, Delilah
Henderson, Delilah
Title: NCAA Compliance Officer / Education Field Placement Officer
Phone: 580.349.1414
Fax: 580.349.1407
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Photograph of Hicks, Britt
Hicks, Britt
Title: Area Extension Livestock Specialist
Phone: 580.349.1414
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Hidalgo, Stacey
Title: Administrative Assistant for Nursing
Phone: ..
Photograph of Hill, Carol
Hill, Carol
Title: Purchasing Coordinator
Office: SL 125B
Phone: 580.349.1316
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Photograph of Hitch, Dr. Sara
Hitch, Dr. Sara
Title: Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Office: CH 201C
Phone: 580.349.1442
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Photograph of Hollis-Fesmire, Amber
Hollis-Fesmire, Amber
Title: Noble Center Director / Intramurals Director
Office: Noble Center
Phone: 580.349.1368
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Huffman, Kelcie
Title: Cheer Coach
Phone: ..
Photograph of Hugghins, Linda
Hugghins, Linda
Title: adjunct instructor of music and humanities (humanities, music appreciation)
Office: HS 125
Phone: 580.349.1488
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