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Photograph of Tan, Dr. Lucy
Tan, Dr. Lucy
Title: Artist-in-Residence / Instructor of Piano and Music Theory / Staff Pianist
Office: HS 221
Phone: 580.349.1491
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Photograph of Test, Bryon
Test, Bryon
Title: Associate Professor of Art
Office: HSH 212
Phone: 580.349.1480
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Thomas, Kiwaukee
Title: Assistant Football Coach, Defensive Coordinator
Photograph of Thomas, Karlyse
Thomas, Karlyse
Title: Associate Athletic Trainer
Phone: 580.349.1338
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Trindle, Curt
Title: Adjunct for Business Admin
Photograph of Tucker, Shawna
Tucker, Shawna
Title: Interim Dean of the College of Agriculture, Science, and Nursing / Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Office: SAB 221
Phone: 580.349.1534
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Photograph of Tuttle, Nick
Tuttle, Nick
Title: Webmaster
Office: Muller Hall
Phone: 580.349.1353
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Photograph of Tuttle, Kim
Tuttle, Kim
Title: Instructor of Computer Information Systems
Office: CH 104A
Phone: 580.349.1446
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