OPSU Personnel Directory

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Wiggins, Larry
Title: Visiting Instructor, Art
Office: HSH 208
Phone: 580.349.1481
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Wilson, Patrick
Title: Equine Specialist
Office: SAB 225
Phone: 580.349.1517
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Photograph of Winger, Davin
Winger, Davin
Title: Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Office: CH 201C
Phone: 580.349.1460
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Worm, Shelly
Title: Instructor of Education
Office: HMH 136
Phone: 580.349.1413
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Photograph of Wright, Larry
Wright, Larry
Title: Computer Technician
Office: SL 210A
Phone: 580.349.1384
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Wu, Cheng-Hsien
Title: Assisstant Professor of Education
Phone: ..