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Photograph of Maille, Patrick
Maille, Patrick
Title: Associate Professor of History / FAR
Office: HMH 212
Phone: 580.349.1490
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Maille, Bonnie
Title: Library Technical Services
Phone: 580.349.1546
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Photograph of Manning, Wayne E.
Manning, Wayne E.
Title: Vice President of Academic Affairs and Outreach
Office: SL 138
Phone: 580.349.1402
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Manning, Gin
Title: Secretary, Nursing
Office: HSH 312
Phone: 580.349.1520
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Photograph of Martin, Jerry
Martin, Jerry
Title: Professor / Beef Bull Test and Agriculture
Office: SL 311
Phone: 580.349.1512
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Martin, Gwen
Title: Agriculture Secretary
Office: SL 214
Phone: 580.349.1500
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Martin, Steve
Title: Associate Professor of CIS
Office: CH 106
Phone: 580.349.1456
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Mauldin, Dewayne
Title: Head Golf Coach Men and Women's
Phone: ..

McCargish, Garrett
Title: Assistant Farm Manager
Office: Farm
Phone: 580.349.2408
Photograph of McCowan, Tiana
McCowan, Tiana
Title: Assistant Volleyball Coach
Office: OW
Phone: 580.349.1320
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Photograph of McFadden, Consuelo
McFadden, Consuelo
Title: Director Continuing Education
Office: Guymon Classroom
Phone: 580.338.1380
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McMurphy, Elizabeth "Liz"
Title: Director of Purchasing / Assistant to the Vice President Fiscal Affairs
Office: SL
Phone: 580.349.1566
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Meyer, Evi
Title: Assistant to the Registrar
Office: SL 132
Phone: 580.349.1372
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Meyer, Beverly
Title: Professor of Earth Science
Office: HMH 302
Phone: 580.349.1524
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Photograph of Mihelic, Beth
Mihelic, Beth
Title: Secretary, Alumni Office
Office: MLW
Phone: 580.349.2360
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