OPSU Personnel Directory

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Burleson, Apryl
Title: Financial Aid Counselor
Office: SL 114
Phone: 580.349.1588
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Camfield, Peter
Title: Dean of Agriculture
Office: SAB 111
Phone: 580.349.1514
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Camfield-McCargish, Carolyn
Title: Dean of university college
Office: SL 316
Phone: 580.349.1422
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Carey, Matthew
Title: Instructor of Music
Office: HS 208
Phone: 580.349.1482

Carter, Matthew
Title: Assistant Professor of CIS
Office: CH 104B
Phone: 580.349.1454
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Carter, Peggy
Title: Attorney at Law / Instructor of Criminal Law
Phone: ..

Photograph of Cayton, Sheldon
Cayton, Sheldon
Title: Assistant Director of Technology, ITV
Office: ML 107C
Phone: 580.349.1386
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Childress, Teresa
Title: Instructor of Education
Phone: ..

Christian, Cassidy
Title: Cheerleading Coach
Phone: 580.278.3660
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Clark, Benjamin
Title: Visiting Instructor of Music / Artist in Residence
Office: HS 121
Phone: 580.349.1491

Clark, Tammy
Title: Bookstore Clerk
Office: Bookstore
Phone: 580.349.1399
Cole, David
Title: Assistant Professor of Political Science
Phone: 580.349.1486

Photograph of Collins, Dana
Collins, Dana
Title: Director of Human Resources
Office: SL 125G
Phone: 580.349.1574
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Photograph of Collins, Justin
Collins, Justin
Title: Dean of Science, Math & Nursing
Office: HFH 107
Phone: 580.349.1522
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Photograph of Collins, Sam
Collins, Sam
Title: Adjunct/ Religion and Speech Instructor
Office: Church of Christ
Phone: 580.349.2555
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