OPSU Personnel Directory

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Davis, Mindy M.
Title: Associate Professor of Accounting
Office: CH 101B
Phone: 580.349.1444
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Duran, Laura
Title: Custodial Supervisor/Administrative Assistant Freight
Office: lduran@opsu.edu
Phone: 580.349.1590
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Duren, Brad
Title: Associate Professor of History/ Chair, Dept. of Behavioral & Social Sciences
Office: HMH 213
Phone: 580.349.1498
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Edenborough, Breanna
Title: Recruiter
Office: SL 126
Phone: 580.349.1312
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Elder, David
Title: Professor of Art
Office: HSH 213
Phone: 580.349.1484
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Photograph of Etbauer, Robert
Etbauer, Robert
Title: Assistant Rodeo Coach
Phone: 620.655.3829

Evans, Abigail
Title: Executive Secretary to VPAA
Office: SL 137
Phone: 580.349.1400
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Ferguson, Lori
Title: Director of Financial Aid
Office: SL 125
Phone: 580.349.1582
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Garber, Joel
Title: Assistant Professor of music (private voice, music history, conducting, Concert Choir, Chamber Singers)
Office: HS 208
Phone: 580.349.1482
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Garber, Laura
Title: Admissions Clerk
Office: SL 128
Phone: 580.349.1370
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Photograph of Gaskamp, Russell
Gaskamp, Russell
Title: Head Football Coach
Office: OW FB
Phone: 580.349.1332
Fax: 580.349.1329
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Photograph of Gaskamp, Justine
Gaskamp, Justine
Title: Sports Information Director
Office: Muller Hall
Phone: 580.349.1354
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George, Lee
Title: Accounting Lecturer
Phone: 580.349.1458
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Gilmore, Becky
Title: Bookstore Clerk
Office: SU
Phone: 580.349.1399
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Photograph of Gipe, Kenny
Gipe, Kenny
Title: Sodexho Manager
Office: SU Cafeteria
Phone: 580.349.1006
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