OPSU Personnel Directory

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Givens, Jamie
Title: Assistant Professor of Nursing
Phone: ..
Glover, Melissa
Title: Business Office Specialist
Office: SL
Phone: 580.349.1572
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Photograph of Green, Sara
Green, Sara
Title: Developmental Studies Instructor
Office: SL 308A
Phone: 580.349.1530
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Greene, Mike
Title: Assistant Baseball Coach
Office: OW 9
Phone: 580.349.1327
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Greeson, Layne
Title: Recruiter
Phone: 580.349.1310
Gum, Melody
Title: Administrative Assistant, Water Quality Lab
Phone: 580.349.1505

Guthrie, Russell Allen
Title: Associate Professor of Communications/Department Chair of Humanities
Office: HS 221
Phone: 580.349.1478
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Photograph of Hale, Christi
Hale, Christi
Title: Director, Counseling, Career Services & Testing
Office: HMH 141
Phone: 580.349.1556
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Hale, Voncille
Title: Adjunct Instructor Developmental Studies
Office: SL 312
Phone: 580.349.1420
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Hardman, Alton "Tony"
Title: Director of Library
Office: ML 103
Phone: 580.349.1542

Harland, Richard
Title: Associate Professor of Psychology
Office: HMH 201
Phone: 580.349.1470
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Hawks, Channing
Title: Equine Science
Office: SAB 225
Phone: 580.349.1517
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Henderson, Howard
Title: Director of Technology
Office: SL 210
Phone: 580.349.1380
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Henderson, Delilah
Title: Assistant HR/Accounts Payable
Phone: 580.349.1578
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Hensley, Florence
Title: Health Clinic Nurse
Office: SU 2
Phone: 580.349.1434
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