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Photograph of Jenkins, Bobby
Jenkins, Bobby
Title: Registrar, Director of Admissions
Office: SL 131
Phone: 580.349.1376
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Johnson, Sandol
Title: Animal Science Department Head
Office: SAB 114
Phone: 580.349.1508
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Koehn, John
Title: Director, Water Laboratory
Office: SAB 117
Phone: 580.349.1571
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Lamberson, Presley
Title: Recruiter
Phone: ..

Landess, Tim
Title: Agent in Charge, District One Narcotics Task Force / Instructor of Criminal Justice
Phone: ..
Photograph of Lankford, Brian
Lankford, Brian
Title: Athletics Trainer / HPER Instructor
Office: OW
Phone: 580.349.1338
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Lassiter, Reggie
Title: Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Office: OW 1
Phone: 580.349.1343
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Photograph of Latham, Craig
Latham, Craig
Title: Head Rodeo Coach
Office: Cell: 620-428-2288
Phone: 580.349.1348
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Levings, Katy
Title: Reference Librarian
Office: ML 112
Phone: 580.349.1547
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Lewis, Charla
Title: Instructor of Music
Phone: 580.349.1483
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Photograph of Lloyd, Dawn
Lloyd, Dawn
Title: Library Secretary / Acquisitions Assistant
Office: ML 103B
Phone: 580.349.1548
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Photograph of Lofland, Jessica
Lofland, Jessica
Title: Dean of Students / Emergency Management Director
Office: SL 101
Phone: 580.349.1362
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Looper, Doris
Title: Exectuve Secretary of Foundation
Office: HFH 104
Phone: 580.349.1394
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Photograph of Maille, Patrick
Maille, Patrick
Title: Associate Professor of History/Compliance Officer
Office: HMH 212
Phone: 580.349.1490
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Maille, Bonnie
Title: Library Technical Services
Phone: 580.349.1546
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