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Murphey, Diane Mathers
Title: Dean / Professor of Business & Technology
Office: CH 104C
Phone: 580.349.1446
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Nye, Sherry
Title: Health Clinic Nurse
Office: SU 4
Phone: ..

Olsen, Jon
Title: Industrial Technology/Lecturer
Office: CH 107
Phone: 580.349.1451
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Photograph of Olson, Jill
Olson, Jill
Title: Administrative Assistant to the President
Office: SL 142
Phone: 580.349.1302
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Photograph of Olson, Jerry
Olson, Jerry
Title: Head Men's Basketball Coach
Office: OW 1B
Phone: 580.349.1344
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Ortiz, Ray
Title: Grounds Supervisor

Pasque, Vicki
Title: CIS Instructor
Office: CH 103A
Phone: 580.349.1464
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Peters, Larry
Title: Vice President of Fiscal Affairs
Office: SL 127
Phone: 580.349.1584
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Photograph of Peters, Lucas
Peters, Lucas
Title: Offensive Coordinator, Football
Office: OW FB
Phone: 580.349.1335
Fax: 580.349.1329
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Peterson, Nels
Title: Ag Ed Director/Associate Professor
Phone: ..

Peterson, Jana
Title: Assistant Professor Mathematics, Adjunct Instructor for Education
Office: HMH 103
Phone: 580.349.1536
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Peterson, Kathy
Title: Bookstore Clerk
Office: SU
Phone: 580.349.1399
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Pugh, Carla
Title: Financial Aid Administrative Assistant
Office: SL 107
Phone: 580.349.1580
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Ramirez, Juan
Title: Field Hall Director
Office: FH
Phone: 580.349.1373

Ramon, Rene
Title: Counseling, Testing, Career & Disability Services Administrative Assistant
Office: HMH 141
Phone: 580.349.1558
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