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University Policies

Adjunct Faculty Policy
Animal Usage Policy
Background Check Policy
Buy Book Policy
Computer Proficiency Requirement Policy
Contract Policy
Credit Hour Policy
Drug Free Workplace Policy
External Grant Management Policy and Procedure
Emergency Operations Policy
Faculty Handbook
Fees, Tuition, and Special Charges to Students
Housing and Residential Life Handbook
Human Subjects in Research Policy
Information Technology (IT) Handbook
International Student Policy
Staff Handbook
Student Worker Policy
Tobacco Free Campus Policy
Collections, Deposit and Control of Cash or Checks Received in the Name of Oklahoma Panhandle State University
Granting and Conferral of Degrees Policy
Home Schooled Students Policy
Limited English Proficiency Policy
Minor's Participation in OPSU Activities
Motor Pool Services and Vehicle Policy
New Hire Policy
Non-Attendance Policy
Official Transcript Policy
Official Transcript Release Policy
Online Policy
Preliminary Enrollment Report Policy
Purchasing Policy
Purchasing Card Policy
Residency Policy
Red Flag Policy
Teacher Education Handbook
Title IX Policy (Interim)
Transcript Request Policy
Visual Standards Design Policy
Vehicle Operations Policy
Awarding and Packaging Policy
Direct Loan Quality Assurance Policy
Enrollment Reporting Policy
FAFSA Verification Policy
Record Retention Policy
Student Activity Advances Policy and Procedure
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
Social Security Number Policy
Student Club and Organization Fundraising Policy
Student Code of Conduct
Team Travel Policy
Missing Student Notification Policy
Disability Accomodations
Professional Development and Scholarly Activities of Faculty and Staff at Oklahoma Panhandle State University
Travel Reimbursement Guide and Policy
McKee Library Policy
Course Catalog
Athletics Policy
Incomplete Grade Policy
Sanctioned Absence Policy
Telework Policy
Winter Weather Policy
Withdrawal and Return to Title IV Policy