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Comprised of three distinct colleges, Oklahoma Panhandle State University accepts a diverse collection of students from all educational backgrounds. The programs of study offered at OPSU lead to nearly 60 different baccalaureate and associate degrees. In addition to the baccalaureate opportunities, OPSU offers several pre-professional studies in selected fields. OPSU strives to enrich its student's lives educationally, personally, and socially. It is the hope that students matriculating at OPSU will receive life-long learning experiences that meet their needs, personally and vocationally.

Program Info


Fine Arts - Computer Graphics
B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

Faculty Contact

Photograph of Test, Bryon
Test, Bryon
Title: Associate Professor of Art
Office: HSH 212
Phone: 580.349.1480
Email: Email Web Form


Total Hours: 126
  • General Education 41
  • Art Requirements 37
    • *Art 1123-Photography
    • *Art 1433-Fundamentals of Art
    • *Art 2123-Drawing I
    • *Art 2223-Drawing II
    • *Art 2243-Design I
    • *Art 2253-Design II-3D Design
    • *Art 3153-Figure Drawing I
    • *Art 3163-Figure Drawing II
    • *Art 3333-Sculpture I
    • *Art 3343-Sculpture II
    • *Art 3303-Art History I
    • *Art 4303-Art History II
    • *Art 4421-Senior Exhibit
  • Select from the following courses 9
    • *Art 2853-Painting I
    • *Art 2933-Painting II
    • *Art 3423-Painting III
    • *Art 4013-Watercolor I
    • *Art 4423-Watercolor II
    • *Art 3663-Printmaking
    • *Art 2323-Art Marketing I
    • *Art 4503-Aesthetics and Advanced Criticism
    • *Art 2643-Photojournalism
    • *Art 3543-Digital Photography
    • *Art 4543-Studio Photography
    • *Art 3553-Outdoor Photography
    • *Art 4553-Sports Photography
    • *Art 3683-Airbrush Illustration
    • *Art 3673-Pastels I
    • *Art 3883-Pastels II
    • *Art 4423-Watercolor II
    • *Art 4000-Problems in Art 2D Studio
    • *Art 4000-Problems in Art 3D Studio
  • Required Electives 6
    • *Engl 3023-Technical Writing
    • *Art 4523-Art Marketing II
  • Computer Graphics Requirements 33
    • *Cis 2113-HTML/Webpage Design
    • *Cis 2613-Typography
    • *Cis 2633-Audio for Video and Games
    • *Cis 3393-Video Composition
    • *Cis 4233-Game Level Design
    • *Cis 4413-Web Animation
    • *Art/Cis 2623-2D Graphics Applications
    • *Art/Cis 3313-3D Modeling I
    • *Art/Cis 3383-Advanced Modeling/Lighting
    • *Art/Cis 4423-Computer Animation
    • *Art/Cis 4443-Senior Project in Animation