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Comprised of three distinct colleges, Oklahoma Panhandle State University accepts a diverse collection of students from all educational backgrounds. The programs of study offered at OPSU lead to nearly 60 different baccalaureate and associate degrees. In addition to the baccalaureate opportunities, OPSU offers several pre-professional studies in selected fields. OPSU strives to enrich its student's lives educationally, personally, and socially. It is the hope that students matriculating at OPSU will receive life-long learning experiences that meet their needs, personally and vocationally.

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Mathematics - Academic
B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

Faculty Contact

Photograph of Tucker, Shawna
Tucker, Shawna
Title: Dean of the College of Agriculture, Science, and Nursing / Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Office: SAB 111
Phone: 580.349.1534
Email: Email Web Form


Total Hours: 124
  • General Education 41
    • *Phys 2014-General Physics I
  • Major 32-33
    • *Math 1513-College Algebra AND *Math 1613-Plane Trigonometry
  • OR
    • *Math 1715-College Algebra and Trigonometry
    • *Math 1824-Calculus I
    • *Math 2424-Calculus II
    • *Math 2434-Calculus III
    • *Math 3333-Linear Algebra
    • *Math 3513-Found. of Mathematics
    • *Math 4323-Modern Algebra
    • *Math 4453-Intro. to Real Analysis
    • *Math 4763-Probability and Statistics
  • Electives 12
    • *Math 3443-Discrete Mathematics
    • *Math 3663-Topology
    • *Math 3713-College Geometry
    • *Math 4000-Problems in Mathematics
    • *Math 4073-Numerical Analysis
    • *Math 4123-Complex Variables
    • *Math 4413-Ordinary Differential Equations
    • *Math 4423-Partial Differential Equations
  • Co-requisite requirements 7
    • *Phys 2114-General Physics II and a course in computer programming
  • Electives
    • Sufficient to bring upper level hours to 40 and total to 124 semester hours for graduation.
    • Math majors in the academic option are required to have a minor in some other academic field. Hours designated for the chosen minor are included in the 124 semester hours required for the major. Hours designated for the chosen minor are included in the 124 semester hours required for the major.
    • All mathematics courses toward a major in mathematics must have a grade of C or better.

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