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Comprised of three distinct colleges, Oklahoma Panhandle State University accepts a diverse collection of students from all educational backgrounds. The programs of study offered at OPSU lead to nearly 60 different baccalaureate and associate degrees. In addition to the baccalaureate opportunities, OPSU offers several pre-professional studies in selected fields. OPSU strives to enrich its student's lives educationally, personally, and socially. It is the hope that students matriculating at OPSU will receive life-long learning experiences that meet their needs, personally and vocationally.


Program Info


Computer Information Systems
B.B.A. (Bachelor of Business Administration)

Faculty Contact

Photograph of Martin, Steve
Martin, Steve
Title: Associate Professor of CIS / Department Chair of CIS
Office: CH 104C
Phone: 580.349.1456
Email: Email Web Form


Total Hours: 124
  • General Education 41
  • Business Core 30
    • Acct 2103-Financial Accounting
    • Acct 2203-Managerial Accounting
    • Badm 3173-Bus Communications OR Badm 3023-Technical Writing
    • Badm 3123-Business Law I OR Badm 3323-Business Law II
    • Badm 3613-Statistics
    • Badm 4603-Business Ethics
    • Econ 2123-Principles of Econ (Micro)
    • Fin 3773-Business Finance I OR Badm 2013-Personal Finance
    • Mktg 3913-Principles of Marketing
    • Mgmt 3813-Principles of Management
  • Major Area 33
    • Cis 1113-Introduction to CIS
    • Cis 1983-Logic and Design
    • Cis 2113-HTML and Web Page Design
    • Cis 2123-Programming I
    • Cis 2323-Networking Fundamentals
    • Cis 2513-Database Use/Data Analysis
    • Cis 2723-Introduction to Operating Systems
    • Cis 2803-Managing/Maintaining Computer Hardware
    • Cis 2813-Managing/Maintaining Computer Software
    • Cis 3893-Network Security
  • Students must choose 3 hours from:
    • Cis 4113-Advanced Programming
    • Cis 4123-Advanced Web Design
    • Cis 4213-Applied Networking II
    • Cis 4333-Advanced Database
    • Cis 4933-Capstone Project/Internship
  • Additional Major Hours 12
    • Students must take 12 hours from the following courses:
    • Cis 2000-Special Topics in Information Systems
    • Cis 2103-Information Systems for Business
    • Cis 3123-Website Design
    • Cis 2823-Applied Networking I
    • Cis 3533-Digital Forensic Investigation
    • Cis 3613-Intermediate Programming
    • Cis 3723-Operating Systems
    • Cis 3833-Network Server Administration
    • Cis 4000-Problems: Computer Information Systems
    • Cis 4113-Advanced Programming
    • Cis 4123-Advanced Web Design
    • Cis 4213-Applied Networking II
    • Cis 4223-Systems Analysis and Designs
    • Cis 4333-Advanced Database
    • Cis 4613-Applied Networking III
    • Cis 4700-CIS Internship
    • Cis 4993-Capstone Project
  • The 12 hours may include only one of the following courses:
    • Cis 2223-Micro Applications
    • Cis 2623-2D Graphics
    • Cis 3113-3D Modeling I
    • Cis 3393-Video Editing
    • Cis 4233-Game Level Design
    • Cis 4413-Web Animation OR
    • CIS Department approved AIS or INDT course.
  • Electives 8
    • Sufficient courses to bring upper level hours to 40 credit hours and total to 124 semester hours for graduation.
  • Minor
    • Upon completion of the CIS major, the student will have sufficient courses for a minor in business administration.

A GPA of 2.0 is required in the business core. Grades of C or better are required in major area and additional major hour courses.