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Early Progress

Progress IS KEY

Early Progress forms can be submitted to help students move forward with reaching their academic and personal goals by taking progressive steps.

Submit an Early Progress Form

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can submit?

    Any member of our OPSU community with an email address can submit an Early Progress form.

  • What are some common reasons for which a form may be submitted?

    If you see students needing help to make progress such as attending class more frequently, improving academic standing, needing support services, etc. We will work with students to determine which resources are needed to help them make progressive steps.

  • What happens after the form is submitted?

    The forms are routed to the Academic Resource Center where appropriate next steps are established. We will send confirmation that your form has been submitted. Students will be contacted and encouraged to visit the Academic Resource Center. However, student action plans, if necessary, may be kept confidential.


OPSU Academic Resource Center

(580) 349-1558

What is the Behavioral Consultation Team?

The Behavioral Consultation Team (BCT) is a collaborative team committed to helping each OPSU student make progress so they can succeed during their academic studies at OPSU.

You can also contact any of our BCT members directly.

  • Photograph of Billiot, Dr. Theresa
    Billiot, Dr. Theresa
    Title: Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
    Office: SL 137
    Phone: 580.349.1402
    Email: Email Web Form
  • No photo available for Hutchinson, Laura
    Hutchinson, Laura
    Title: Dean of Student Affairs
    Email: Email Web Form
  • Photograph of Ramirez, Andy
    Ramirez, Andy
    Title: Chief of Campus Police /
    Director of Security
    Office: Clubhouse
    Phone: 580.349.1365
    Email: Email Web Form