School of Agriculture

OPSU is situated in the heart of one of the largest agricultural regions in the nation, giving students the opportunity to experience farming and ranching lifestyles firsthand. The surrounding area not only supports a variety of crops such as wheat, corn, and grain sorghum but also is home to large cattle and pork facilities. The agriculture faculty at OPSU is dedicated to giving students hands-on opportunities such as having classes at the OPSU farm or the Firestone Meat Lab and providing the opportunity for employment at both of these facilities. By combining facts with hands-on opportunities, each student has the capability to obtain one of the best agricultural educations offered in the State of Oklahoma.

All of the following information plus specific courses and degree requirements may be found in the OPSU General Catalog.

  • Agribusiness
    • Agribusiness (BS)
    • Agribusiness (Minor)
    • Agriculture Economics (Minor)
  • Agricultural Education
    • Agricultural Education (BS)
  • Agriculture
    • Agriculture (AS)
  • Agronomy
    • Agronomy (Minor)
    • Business Option (BS)
    • General Option (BS)
    • Science Option (BS)
  • Animal Science
    • Animal Science (Minor)
    • Business Option (BS)
    • General Animal Science (BS)
    • Livestock Production & Managemen (BS)
    • Meat Science Option (BS)
    • Nutrition Option (BS)
    • Swine Management Option (BS)
  • Swine Management
    • Swine Management (AAS)