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Department Info

The curriculum in biology acquaints students with the basic biological structures, processes, functions and interrelationships; an appreciation of the Earth’s environment; and the philosophy intrinsic to the life sciences. The studies are designed to enable students:

  1. To meet the requirements of undergraduate students majoring in biology so that they may pursue this field professionally after graduation or may begin a program of graduate work;
  2. To provide a minor for students majoring in other disciplines;

  3. To furnish a dynamic background in the life sciences for students planning to teach at the elementary or secondary level;
  4. To offer prescribed pre-professional courses for students planning to enter the fields of medicine, nursing, veterinary medicine, dentistry, optometry, forestry, medical technology, and other allied science fields.

Faculty Contact

Photograph of Collins, Dr. Justin
Collins, Dr. Justin
Title: Professor of Biology / Department Chair of Biology
Office: SAB 218
Phone: 580.349.1522
Email: Email Web Form