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English Department

Welcome to Oklahoma Panhandle State University’s English Page!

OPSU English offers courses in Composition, British, American, and World Literatures, Grammar, and Humanities among many others. There is a course for every interest, and our faculty’s goal is to make all of our English students, majors and non-majors alike, get excited about language, literature, and writing.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Oklahoma Panhandle State Department of Communications is to provide post-secondary education in English to the student population of OPSU. The English faculty of the Communications Department accomplishes this through courses and other opportunities in English language, literature, writing, analysis, grammar, and critical thought. The department supports a diverse, multi-ethnic, and multi-cultural outlook on English and its related fields and seeks to bridge the perceived gap between English’s status as an art and as a useful, multidisciplinary skillset. The department preserves the professional and educational growth of our students, our faculty, and the university at large while upholding the standards and practices of Compositional and Literary theories, pedagogical methods, and practical application.

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Photograph of Aznar, Tito
Aznar, Tito
Title: Instructor of English
Office: HMH 312
Phone: 580.349.1418
Email: Email Web Form
Photograph of Richter, Dr. Sara Jane
Richter, Dr. Sara Jane
Title: Emeritus Dean of Liberal Arts and Professor of English / Interim Department Chair of Communications
Office: HMH 310
Phone: 580.349.1472
Email: Email Web Form
Photograph of Sell, Carl
Sell, Carl
Title: Assistant Professor of English
Office: HMH301
Phone: 580.349.1494
Email: Email Web Form
Wisener, Shelley
Title: Assistant Professor of English
Office: HMH 311
Phone: 580.349.1519
Email: Email Web Form