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College of Business and Technology

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Technology - Industrial Technology
A.A.S. (Associate in Applied Science)

Faculty Contact

Photograph of Carter, Matthew
Carter, Matthew
Title: Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems / Department Chair of Industrial Technology
Office: CH 104B
Phone: 580.349.1454
Email: Email Web Form


Total Hours: 60
  • Student Success Seminar 1
  • Ucss 1111-Student Success Seminar
  • Communications 6
    • Engl 1113-Freshman English I
    • Engl 1213-Freshman English II
    • Comm 1113-Speech Communication
  • American History and Government 6
    • Hist 1313-U.S. Hist. 1492-1877 OR Hist 1323-U.S. Hist. 1877-Present
    • Pols 1013-American Government
  • Guided Electives 7
    • Science, humanities, world religion, mathematics, communications, behavioral science, economics, marketing, or CIS
  • Technical-Specialty Courses 29
  • Required Core (20)
    • Indt 1012-Drafting Technology
    • Indt 1013-Woodworking Fundamentals
    • Indt 1103-Applied Electricity I
    • Indt 1222-General Metal Processing
    • Indt 1433-Welding Level I
    • Indt 2013-Machine Wood Technology
    • Indt 2113-Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting
    • Indt 3323-Welding Level III
  • Electives from (9)
    • Indt 2223-Introduction to CNC
    • Indt 2233-Introduction to Robotics
    • Indt 3123-Advanced CAD
    • Indt 3413-Foundry and Forge Manufacturing Process
    • Indt 3633-Furniture and Cabinetmaking
    • Indt 3643-Power Mechanics I
    • Indt 3653-Power Mechanics II
    • Indt 3923-Architectural Drafting
    • Indt 4021-Industrial Technology Organization and Management
    • Indt 4213-Finishing and Surface Treatment
    • Indt 4513-Care of Shop
  • Support and Related Courses 15
    • Courses that are guided electives which enhance
    • the degree curriculum. These courses are required
    • to bring the total to 64 hours for graduation.