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Preparing Effective Teachers who are Competent, Caring, and Committed!

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Elementary Education
B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

Faculty Contact

Photograph of Mihelic, Gerald (Jerry)
Mihelic, Gerald (Jerry)
Title: Interim Dean of Education
Office: HMH 112
Phone: 580.349.1438
Email: Email Web Form


Total Hours: 128
  • General Education 39 hours
  • Communications 9
    • *Engl 1113-Freshman English I
    • *Engl 1213-Freshman English II
    • *Comm 1113-Speech Communication
  • Mathematics 3
    • *Math 1513-College Algebra
  • History and Political Science 6
    • *Pols 1013-American Government
  • American History Elective
  • Science 8
  • Choose at least one course from each area:
    • *Biol 1304-Principles of Biology I
    • *Physical Science with a Lab
  • Humanities 6
    • Choose six hours from the following areas: philosophy, humanities, music appreciation, art appreciation, literature, introduction to theater, world history, music history, world religion, others as approved by VPAA.
  • Behavioral Sciences 6
    • *Sociology/Psychology elective
  • Economics elective
  • Student Success 1
    • *Ucss 1111-Student Success Seminar
  • Co-Requisites for Education 5 hours
    • *Educ 2222-Communication Skills for Teachers
    • *Educ 2233-Diversity in Education
  • Elementary Education Major Course work
  • Additional 4x12 Requirements
    • *Engl 3013-English Usage
  • Math Elective
    • *Math 2213-Structural Concepts/Primary
    • *Math 2223-Structural Concepts/Intermediate
  • Geography Elective
  • Science Elective
  • Elementary Education Core 32
    • *Educ 2623-Children’s Literature
    • *Educ 3233-Methods and Materials Reading
    • *Educ 3253-Diagnostics and Prescriptive Teaching of Reading
    • *Educ 3313-Foundations of Reading Instruction (prerequisite for Educ 3233 and/or 3253)
    • *Educ 3333-Methods and Materials Creative Arts
    • *Educ 3563-Practicum I
    • *Hper 4032-Methods and Materials Elementary
  • Physical Education
    • *Educ 4173-Methods and Materials Elementary
  • Math/Science
    • *Educ 4223-Methods and Materials Language Arts
    • *Educ 4273-Practicum II
    • *Educ 4323-Methods and Materials Social Studies
  • Professional Education 31 hours
    • *Educ 2001-Education Seminar
    • *Educ 2113-Introduction to Education
    • *Educ 3213-Human Development Child and Adolescent Psychology
    • *Educ 3223-Education of the Except. Child
    • *Educ 4313-Educational Psychology
    • *Educ 4333-Educational Technology
    • *Educ 4433-Elementary Classroom Management and Assessment
    • **Educ 4450-Student Teaching in Elementary Schools (12)
  • *Restricted Classes-Must be Admitted to Teacher Education prior to Enrolling.
  • **Restricted Classes-Must be admitted to professional semester prior to enrolling.
  • All courses in the Elementary Core and Professional Education must be passed with a grade of “C”or above.

Teacher Education/ Internship Application

Certified Healthy Department - 2018 - OSU America\

Professional Teacher Education Organizations

On Campus

In Oklahoma


Candidates are encouraged to review each of these organizations for their benefits. Oklahoma Panhandle State University will provide equal access for any professional organization that supports teacher preparation. Organizations that support student teaching are welcomed on the OPSU campus to present information, provide workshops, make available materials for posting on bulletin boards, etc., but are asked to schedule all meetings through the office of the School of Education. Directory information for current candidates will be provided to professional organizations that request them.

Title II and Student Data

How are OPSU Teacher Ed. Candidates Doing? Here are Certification Exam Scores and Pass Rates, along with graduation GPA\'s since 2010/2011.

Certification Exam Test Scores

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