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Health Physical Education - Academic
B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

Faculty Contact

Photograph of Nordquist, Stacy
Nordquist, Stacy
Title: Instructor / Department Head of Health and Physical Education
Office: HMH 134
Phone: 580.349.1425
Email: Email Web Form


Total Hours: 124
  • Academic Option (non-teaching)
  • General Education 41
    • *Psyc 2123-Psychology of Personal Adjustment is required for the social science requirement in General Education.
  • Hpe Course work 45
    • *Biol 2104-Human Anatomy
    • *Hpe 1001-Lifetime Wellness
    • *Hpe 2003-Introduction to Management and Instruction in Physical Activities
    • *Hpe 2102-First Aid
    • *Hpe 2122-Care and Prevention of Athletic Injury
    • *Hpe 2212-School and Community Health Programs
    • *Hpe 2222-Personal Health and Drug
    • *Hpe 2253-Foundations of Physical Education
    • *Hpe 3162-Evaluations of Physical Activities
    • *Hpe 3172-Adaptive and Therapeutic PE
    • *Hpe 3263-Kinesiology
    • *Hpe 3693-Physiology of Exercise
    • *Hpe 4012-Skills and Techniques Team Act.
    • *Hpe 4022-Skills and Techniques Individual and Dual Activities
    • *Hpe 4123-Organization and Admin. of Physical Education
  • Hpe Electives - choose 10 hours from
    • *Biol 1123-Nutrition
    • *Hpe 2012-Fundamentals and Coaching of Football
    • *Hpe 2022-Fundamentals and Coaching of Basketball
    • *Hpe 2032-Fundamentals and Coaching of Baseball and Softball
    • *Hpe 2042-Officiating
    • *Hpe 2052-Fundamentals and Coaching Track and Field
    • *Hpe 2062-Fundamentals and Coaching Volleyball
    • *Hpe 3072-Fundamentals and Coaching Strength and Conditioning
    • *Hpe 3273-Internship I
    • *Hpe 4273-Internship II
    • *Hpe 4103-Sports Information Management
    • *Hpe 4822-Exercise and Fitness Prescription
  • Electives (41 hours) to have degree equal 124 hours
  • Selection of a minor is strongly encouraged.
  • No grade in the HPE core or electives below a ā€œCā€ will be counted toward the HPE major (any option) or minor.

Teacher Education/ Internship Application

Certified Healthy Department - 2018 - OSU America\

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Candidates are encouraged to review each of these organizations for their benefits. Oklahoma Panhandle State University will provide equal access for any professional organization that supports teacher preparation. Organizations that support student teaching are welcomed on the OPSU campus to present information, provide workshops, make available materials for posting on bulletin boards, etc., but are asked to schedule all meetings through the office of the School of Education. Directory information for current candidates will be provided to professional organizations that request them.

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How are OPSU Teacher Ed. Candidates Doing? Here are Certification Exam Scores and Pass Rates, along with graduation GPA's since 2010/2011.

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