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School of Liberal Arts

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English - Academic
B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)

Faculty Contact

Photograph of Book, Julie
Book, Julie
Title: Assistant Professor of English / Department Chair of English
Office: HMH 312
Phone: 580.349.1492
Email: Email Web Form


Total Hours: 124
  • General Education 41
  • Major 27
    • *Engl 2413-Critical Approaches to Literature
    • *Engl 2453-Young Adult Literature
    • *Engl 3013-English Usage/Linguistics
    • *Engl 3023-Technical Writing
    • *Engl 3123-Advanced Grammar
    • *Engl 3143-Survey of British Literature I OR
    • *Engl 3153-Survey British Literature II OR
    • *Engl 3163-Survey British Literature III
    • *Engl 3173-Survey American Literature I OR
    • *Engl 3183-Survey American Literature II
    • *Engl 3353-World Literature
    • *Engl 4123-Advanced Composition
    • *English Electives 15
  • English courses (2000 and above)
  • Electives 15-23
    • Sufficient courses to bring upper level hours to 40 credit hours and total to 124 semester hours for graduation
  • Minor 18-24
    • A minor may be selected from any field that offers one.