Behavioral & Social Sciences

Social Studies (BA)
Political Science Emphasis
Academic Option
124 Semester Hours

  • General Education41
  • Major45
    • Hist 1313-Early US History
    • Hist 1323-Late US History
    • Hist 2223-Late World History
    • Soc 3613-Statistics
    • Pols courses numbered 2000 or above 18
    • Economics 6
    • Geography 3
    • Psychology 3
    • Sociology 3
  • Electives
    Sufficient courses to bring upper level hours to 40 credit hours and total to 124 semester hours for graduation.
  • Minor
    A minor may be selected from any field that offers one.

Course Offerings

POLS 1013 - American Government and Politics
3 credit hour(s)
Description: Origin and framework of the federal government.
POLS 2031 - Law and the Courts—Mock Trial
1 credit hour(s)
Description: Introduction to legal reasoning, legal research techniques, and US public law. Preparation and participation in the national MockTrial Tournament.
POLS 2041 - International Institutions
1 credit hour(s)
Description: Organization, procedures, functions, and role of international institutions with emphasis on the United Nations and related agencies.Preparation and participation in an Inter-Collegiate Model United Nations Conference.
POLS 2313 - State and Local Government
3 credit hour(s)
(Every 2 years)
Prerequisite: Pols 1013. Government of the state and its subdivisions.
POLS 2413 - Public Policy
3 credit hour(s)
(Every 2 years)
Prerequisite: Pols 1013. Policies, functions, and programs of the national government. Specifi c policies in labor, agriculture, business
Description: welfare, civil rights, and national security analyzed against a background of history, politics, and governmental institutions.
POLS 3013 - International Relations
3 credit hour(s)
(Every 2 years)
Prerequisite: Pols 1016. Principles and problems of international relations in both international security and international political
Description: economy.
POLS 3143 - Comparative Government
3 credit hour(s)
(Every 2 years)
Prerequisite: Pols 1013. Comparison of the government of the United States to the governments European, Asian, African, and
Description: Latin American nations.
POLS 3353 - Political Parties and Pressure Groups
3 credit hour(s)
(Every 2 years)
Prerequisite: Posc1013. Political parties in relation to pressure groups, suffrage, campaigning, public opinion, etc.
POLS 3713 - Principles of Public Administration
3 credit hour(s)
(Every 2 years)
Prerequisite: Pols 1013. Principles and problems of public administration in federal, state, and local governments and the role of
Description: public administration in the political process.
POLS 3753 - American Constitutional Law
3 credit hour(s)
Prerequisite: Pols 1013. Judicial systems, court procedures, appeal procedures, and Supreme Court decisions which have contributed
Description: to the contemporary interpretation of the American Constitution.
POLS 4000 - Problems in Political Science
3 - 1 credit hour(s)
(Offered as Needed)
Description: Problems and/or independent study course in political science. May be repeated with different topics/readings.