Behavioral & Social Sciences

Social Studies (BA)
Sociology Emphasis
Academic Option
124 Semester Hours

  • General Education41
  • Major45
    • Hist 1313-Early US History
    • Hist 1323-Late US History
    • Hist 2223-Late World History
    • Soc 3613-Statistics
    • Economics 6
    • Geography 3
    • Pols courses numbered 2000 or above 6
    • Psychology 3
    • Sociology 15
  • Electives
    Sufficient courses to bring upper level hours to 40 credit hours and total to 124 semester hours for graduation.
  • Minor
    A minor may be selected from any field that offers one.

Course Offerings

SOC 1113 - Elements of Sociology
3 credit hour(s)
Description: General survey of sociology; origin and development of social institutions; social processes.
SOC 2003 - Critical Thinking
3 credit hour(s)
Description: Studies the process by which one develops and supports one's beliefs with clear, unambiguous arguments and evaluates the strengthof the arguments of others in real-life situations. Includes practice in inductive and deductive reasoning, presentation of argumentsin oral and written form, and analysis of the use of language to infl uence thought. Applies the reasoning process in fi elds such asbusiness, law, science, and the arts.
SOC 2123 - Social Problems
3 credit hour(s)
Description: Study of current social problems including various perspectives on alternative social policies.
SOC 2233 - Principles of Rural Sociology
3 credit hour(s)
(Offered as Needed)
Description: Nature and structure of rural society; status of rural society in comparison to non-agricultural society.
SOC 2243 - Multicultural Sociology
3 credit hour(s)
Description: Study of domestic and foreign cultures from a sociological perspective with a focus on cultures common to the US.
SOC 2353 - General Anthropology
3 credit hour(s)
Prerequisite: Sophomore standing. Introduction to the origin of man and man's evolutionary development; basic concepts concerning
Description: race, culture, and society.
SOC 3253 - Population
3 credit hour(s)
(Offered as Needed)
Prerequisite: Soc 1113. Distribution, growth, and characteristics of human populations and their social organization.
SOC 3363 - Selected Topics
3 credit hour(s)
(Offered as Needed)
Description: Topics selected by instructor. May be repeated provided topics vary.
SOC 3423 - Marriage, Family, and Parenting
3 credit hour(s)
Description: Study of the contemporary American couple's relationship and adjustments in partnerships, including couple and family interactionsthroughout the life cycle.
SOC 3613 - Statistics
3 credit hour(s)
Prerequisite: Math 1513 or consent of instructor. Methods of collecting, analyzing, presenting, and interpreting numerical data for
Description: a variety of applications; emphasis on application of statistical principles.
SOC 3643 - Formal Organization
3 credit hour(s)
(Offered as Needed)
Description: Main facets of organizational life including examination of formal organizations as to their nature and type; relations that existbetween organizations; social context of which they are part; their internal structure and various components; communicationsprocess; mechanisms of social control.
SOC 3743 - Social Psychology
3 credit hour(s)
(Offered as Needed)
Prerequisite: Six hours of psychology or sociology and consent of instructor. Experimental investigation of group behavior. Emphasis
Description: on emotions, drives, and personality traits in the adjustment of individuals to the demands of modern society.
SOC 4000 - Problems in Sociology
3 - 1 credit hour(s)
(Offered as Needed)
Description: Problems and/or independent study course in sociology. May be repeated when topics change.
SOC 4333 - Criminology
3 credit hour(s)
Prerequisite: Soc 1113 or Psyc 1113. Development of theories of criminal behavior; procedures for the control of crime and delinquency.