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Spring 2018

ACCT 4023: Income Tax Procedure II

Ref #: 20076

M. Davis

Course Materials:
Book and Edition: South-Western Federal Taxation Individual Income Taxes 2018 bundled with 2 CengageNOWv2 Codes 41st Edition *Buy
Author(s): Hoffman, Young, Raabe, Maloney, & Nellen
Publisher: Cengage
ISBN: 9781337389501
You must have an access card for each semester.  You must have the access card to do the homework.  If you purchase the access cards separately, they will each cost $70-$90 each semester.  They are $10 each packaged with the book.  To get the access cards with the book, you will need to get the book from the bookstore.  The ISBN code above does not have the access cards; it is just a code for the book.
Course Description:
				Prerequisite: ACT 4013.  The course will continue the study of individual taxation, business income and expenses, itemized deductions, tax credits, property transactions, and different forms of business.  This course is an elective course for Accounting and AIS majors. The overall course objective is to nurture a philosophy of continual learning in the "Information Age".  Taxation continually evolves as economic, political, social, and equity concerns drive our lawmakers.  Students must learn basic assumptions and how to find, analyze and incorporate annual changes.
Comments:  Book is the same book used for ACCT 4013 – fall 2017 semester. Students must also buy 1 or 2 (one for 4013, one for 4023) CengageNOW access card(s).  The CengageNOW card will come with the book for $10 per card from the bookstore.  I do not know if you can buy the book with 2 cards from the publisher on the website.  If you were enrolled in ACCT 4013 in the fall 2017 semester and you purchased your book from the OPSU Bookstore, you should have your CengageNOW code for the spring 2018 semester.