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Spring 2018

CHEM 3213: Pharmacotherapeutics **1st 8-Weeks**

Ref #: 20029

J. McGuire

Course Materials:
Book and Edition:  Focus on Nursing Pharmacology – 6th Edition
Author(s):  Karch
Publisher:  Lippincott
ISBN:	9781451128345 
Study Guide: Focus on Nursing Pharmacology – 6th Edition (Study Guide is optional, but recommended.) 
Publisher: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 9781451151664
Course Description:
				This course examines the principles of therapeutic pharmacology for restoration and support of the psychological, physiological and chemical disturbance in human function. Focus on drugs in the processes, and guidelines for nursing intervention indicated by these effects.
Comments:  Book(s) available to rent at the OPSU Bookstore.  Off campus students may contact OPSU Bookstore (1-800-664-6778, ext. 1399) for book shipment.  Rental books must be returned at the end of course.  Students may purchase book online and used books are a good option.