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Spring 2018

EDUC 4433: Elementary Classroom Management and Assessment

Ref #: 20219

W. Mihelic

Course Materials:
Book and Edition: Assessment of Student Achievement 10th Edition *Rent
Author(s): Waugh & Gronlund 
Publisher: Pearson 
ISBN: 9780132689632

Course Description:
This course contains principles and techniques of measuring educational attainment; essay and objective tests and their construction; standard scores and grading systems; standardized tests; and use of educational research. Teacher candidates will learn to manage testing and evaluation in the classroom as well as to understand standardized testing concepts. Teacher candidates will learn to construct and administer teacher-made test and learn how to evaluate standardized tests and interpret scores. In this course you will examine various approaches to classroom management strategies. You will develop your own set of techniques and management strategies.
Comments: Students may rent textbook through the OPSU Bookstore.