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Spring 2018

NURS 3013: Medical Terminology

Ref #: 20045

J. Unruh

Course Materials:
Book and Edition:  Medical Terminology for Health Professions with CD ROM – 7th Edition * Buy
Author(s):  Ehrlich and Schroeder
Publisher:  Thomson – Delmar Learning
ISBN:  9781111543273
Course Description:
				This course is designed to provide the student with a study of the definition and use of medical terms common to health-related disciplines.
Comments:  Used textbooks must have a working CD-ROM. Students must purchase textbook/workbook at OPSU Bookstore or from another online vendor.  Out of town students may order from bookstore at 1-800-664-6778, ext. 1399.  Textbook will be shipped to home address.  Be sure and order early so you will receive your book before the first day of class.