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Spring 2014

ACCT 4033: Tax Research

Ref #: 10252
Section: 001

M. Davis

Course Materials:
Required: Federal Tax Research, 9th edition, by Raabe, Whittenburg, Sanders, and Sawyers, 
South-Western/Cengage Learning, ISBN-10: 1111221642 or ISBN-13: 9781111221645

The textbook required for this course may be purchased from the bookstore or online. It was published in 2012, so it should be available in the online used bookstore sites. The bookstore manager, Mandy Batenhorst, will mail the book to you if you cannot come to campus. You could also go to the Internet and purchase it. If you use the Internet, be sure to use the ISBNs above to insure the correct book and edition is purchased. There are two ISBNs on the back the book. Publishers are in the process of changing from a 10 character ISBN to a 13 character ISBN. So most books have both 10 and 13 character ISBNs while bookstores are converting to the 13-character system. Please use the ISBNs above to make sure that you get the right edition of the book. 

Course Description:
Pre-requisite:  Acct 4013.  We will study tax research methodology, internal revenue code, regulations and rulings, judicial interpretations, citator, and tax services using case studies. This is an optional course for accounting majors to satisfy accounting elective requirements. Students need to understand income tax research if they go into public or private accounting. Taxes affect most business decisions; therefore a professional must understand how to research tax questions and their implications on business transactions.
The overall course objective is to nurture a philosophy of continual learning in the "Information Age". Taxation continually evolves as economic, political, social, and equity concerns drive our lawmakers. Students must learn basic assumptions and how to find, analyze and incorporate annual changes.