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Spring 2014

CIS 1113: Introduction to Computers

Ref #: 10217
Section: 001

D. Odom

Course Materials:
Book and Edition: New Perspectives on Computer Concepts 2014, Introductory
Author(s):   Parsons and Oja                
Publisher:  Cengage-Course Technology
ISBN:  978-1-285-09768-8

2nd Book:  New Perspectives on Microsoft Word 2013, Brief
Author(s):  Zimmerman, Zimmerman, Shaffer, and Pinard
Publisher:  Cengage-Course Technology
ISBN:  978-1-285-097117-4

Course Description:
Introduction to computer concepts that will teach the student the basics of using a computer, how computers work, basic internet, and other software applications. 
Comments:  Both books will be bundled together and available to buy from the OPSU Bookstore  under ISBN: 9781285936741.