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Spring 2014

ENGL 1213: Freshman English II

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Section: 005

J. Book

Course Materials:
Book and Edition:  Reading Critically, Writing Well – 9th Edition
Author(s):  Avelrod, Cooper, Warriner
Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin
ISBN:  10: 0-31260761-X 

Handbook and Edition:  MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers -7th  Edition
Author(s):  MLA
Publisher:  MLA
ISBN:  10:1603290249

Course Description:
Prerequisite Minimum ACT Reading, subscore of 19 or equivalent  ENGL 1113.  Essentials of expository theme writing concentrating on research techniques and a theme of the instructor's choice.  OPSU will not accept CLEP credit for ENGL 1213.
Comments:  Students may rent textbook and buy handbook from OPSU Bookstore.