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Spring 2014

NURS 3214: Healthcare Assessment and Health Promotion

Ref #: 10353
Section: 001

L. Martin- Craig

Course Materials:
Book and Edition:  Mosby's Guide to Physical Examination - 7th Edition (Hardcover)
Author(s):   H. Seidel, J. Ball, J. Dains, J. Flynn, B. Solomon, and R. Stewart 
Publisher:  Mosby (March 4, 2010)
ISBN:  10: 0323055702            ISBN:  13:  978-0323055703

Course Description:
Emphasis or developing and utilizing critical skills necessary to holistically assess, evaluate and document the health status of clients throughout their life span.  Heath promotion and maintenance, education, and caring are components of this process.  
Comments:  Students may rent at OPSU Bookstore.  Have it the first day of class.