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Spring 2014

NURS 4226: Community Health Nursing

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J. Unruh

Course Materials:
Textbook and Access Code for Community Public Health Nursing Course Online
Text and Online Course Package (includes Stanhope and Lancaster's Foundations of Nursing in the Community 3rd edition textbook and Community/Public Health Nursing Course Online.)
Can be ordered direct from Elsevier:

Community/Public Health Nursing Online for Stanhope and Lancaster: Foundations of Nursing in the Community (User Guide, Access Code, and Textbook Pack)  
3rd Edition
Penny Leake, PhD, RN  © 2010  Mosby
ISBN: 9780323066693
To buy items separately: 
1. Community/Public Health Nursing Online Course (User Guide and Access Code) : Community/Public Health Nursing   Mosby             
ISBN: 9780323066709
2. Textbook:   Foundations of Nursing in the Community - Community-Oriented  Practice:  3rd edition textbook
Stanhope and Lancaster
ISBN: 9780323066556

3. Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th Edition)
ISBN-10: 1433805618
ISBN-13: 978-1433805615 
Publisher: American Psychological Association
**If you already have a Pocket Guide to APA by Robert Perrin from previous semesters, you will not need to purchase this item.

Course Description:
Emphasizes caring concepts and interventions in the delivery of health care to community populations across the lifespan. Throughout the course, students with collaborate with community health-care professionals and resource providers. Community health-focused activities, family assessment activities and community-centered projects allow students to integrate knowledge, theory, and evidence based practice relevant to community nursing. Practicum Component. Class is 8 weeks in length, ending at midterm and is subject to university enrollment deadlines.
Comments:  Students must have their textbook and access code for online course on the first day of class.