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Summer 2014

SOC 3363: *Special Topics: Death and Dying

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Section: 001

D. Seaman

Course Materials:
Book and Edition:  The Last Dance:  Encountering Death and Dying – 9th Edition
Author(s):  DeSpelder and Strickland
Publisher:  McGraw Hill
ISBN:  978-0-07-353201-1

Course Description:
This course will cover basic concepts regarding the experience and psychology of death and loss.  Emphasis will be placed on attitudes associated with the adjustment and cross-cultural perception of death and loss.  The goal of the course is to explore and to become comfortable with the phenomenological, humanistic and social considerations associated with this topic.  Considering the "taboo" status of death in mainstream American culture, you will find many opportunities to view death and loss in a completely new way.
Comments:  Available to rent at OPSU Bookstore.