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Fall 2014

ACCT 2203: Managerial Accounting I

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Section: 001

J. Ware

Course Materials:
Book and Edition: Accountingā€“24th Edition and CengageNOW Code Author(s): Warren, Reeve Duchac Publisher: South-Western/Cengage Learning ISBN: 10: 0538475005   ISBN:  13: 9780538475006 CentageNOW with eBook Instant Access Code  (ISBN-10: 1111300429 / ISBN-13: 9781111300425)  

Course Description:
Prerequisite:  Acct 2103 or consent of instructor.  
Managerial accounting concepts and objectives; planning and control of sales and cost; and analysis of costs and profits will be covered in this class. Students study accounting theories and concepts involved in analyzing and recording managerial information for internal users.  Students need to understand basic accounting concepts in order to make good personal and business decisions.  This course will fulfill the managerial accounting business core requirement of all business majors and provide an introduction to managerial concepts for accounting majors. 
Comments:  If you bought a CengageNOW code for your Acct 2103: Financial Accounting I, that code is good for 365 days. So if you took Acct 2103 in the spring, 2014 or summer, 2014, you can use the same CengageNOW code. You will log in with the same user name and password and add a new course. You will not pay the online fee of $100. Instead you will be doing all assignments on the publisher's platform ā€“ CengageNOW. If you did not take the Acct 2103 during the spring, 2014 or summer, 2014, you will need to buy your CengageNOW Code from the bookstore or online. The code contains an eBook, but if you need a hard copy of the book you will be able to rent your book from the OPSU Bookstore. You will need to come by the campus or call the bookstore and arrange for them to send you the CengageNOW Code (and the text if you want a hard copy of the book). The eCollege website provides all the links to CengageNOW. The eCollege site also has several links in course home that give you information about how to go through each chapter and how to get started in the course. To log in to this course you will go to  and create an account using the CengageNOW Code and the course code E-TWQN4DP7G3YSA  (this code is case sensitive ā€“ so please enter all letters as capital letters).