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Fall 2014

CIS 2223: Micro Applications

Ref #: 10309
Section: 003

T. Curtis

Course Materials:
Book and Edition:  Microsoft Excel 2013 
Author(s):  Elizabeth Reding and Lynn Wermers
Publisher:  Course Technology
ISBN:  978-1-285-09319-2

Course Description:
Proficiency in office production software is an important business skill.  This course will introduce students to portions of the Microsoft Office Suite 2013, focusing primarily on Excel 2013 and Word 2013.
Comments:  Students must own or have access to Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows (may buy at OPSU Bookstore for less than $15 under OPSU's site license with Student ID).  Microsoft Excel 2013 – Illustrated Complete available to buy at OPSU Bookstore.  You may contact the bookstore at 1-800-664-6778, ext. 1399.