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Fall 2014

NURS 3113: The Science of Nursing (2 Books Required)

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Section: 001

J. Givens

Course Materials:
Book and Edition:  Understanding the Work of Nurse Theorists (2011) – 2nd Edition
Author(s):  Sitzman and Eichelberger
Publisher:  Jones and Bartlett
ISBN:  978-0-7637-7816-3
Book:  Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association – 6th Edition
Publisher:  American Psychological Association
ISBN – 10:  1433805618
ISBN – 13:  978-1433805615

Course Description:
Examines the philosophical and theoretical bases underlying concepts and operations inherent to nursing.  The evolution and current state of theory in nursing will be examined.  Multiple theorists will be studied, including Jean Watson and the Theory of Human Caring and other caring theories.
Comments:  Students must buy books.  Order through OPSU Bookstore or   online vendor.  Also available as an ebook: