Bees of Goodwell and Texhoma
Texas County, Oklahoma
Kurt Schaefer

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Subfamily Panurginae

Perdita (Cockerellia) - Male/Female

Perdita (Cockerellia) - Male/Female

Perdita (Cockerellia) coreopsidis - Male/Female

Perdita (Cockerellia) - Female

Perdita - Female

Perdita - Female

Perdita sexmaculata sexmaculata - Six-spotted Perdita


Panurginus - Female

Pseudopanurgus - Male/Female

Pseudopanurgus - Female

Pseudopanurgus - Male

Pseudopanurgus aethiops - Female

Pseudopanurgus aethiops - Male

Protandrena cockerelli. - Male

Protandrena cockerelli - Female

Calliopsis (Calliopsima) - Male

Calliopsis subalpina - Male

Calliopsis subalpina - Female

Mining Bees

This project could not have been completed without the aid of the Hymenoptera expert, Dr. John Ascher of for his identifications.

Andrenidae in

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