Robber Flies
Asilidae of Goodwell and Texhoma
Texas County, Oklahoma
by Kurt Schaefer

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Subfamily Asilinae - Subfamily Dasypogoninae - Subfamily Laphrinae - Subfamily Stichopogoninae

Subfamily Dasypogoninae

Ospriocerus latipennis

Ospriocerus aeacus

Saropogon combustus

Saropogon combustus

Saropogon pritchardi

Scleropogon helvolus

Scleropogon similis

Scleropogon picticornis

Microstylum galactodes



Comantella pacifica

Diogmites neoternatus

Diogmites angustipennis

Subfamily Stichopogoninae

Stichopogon trifasciatus

Subfamily Asilinae

Mallophora fautrix

Megaphorus acrus

Possibly Megaphorus guildiana

Protacanthus micans

Quick reference of Efferia species.

Quick reference of male Efferia external genitalia

Efferia luna

Efferia pogonias

Efferia helenae

Efferia argentifrons

Efferia pallidula

Efferia aestuans

Efferia kansensis

Efferia leucocoma

Efferia snowi

Efferia cressoni

Efferia albibarbis

Triorla interrupta

Machimus formosus

Machimus snowii

Dicropaltum mesae

Dicropaltum rubicundus

Proctacanthella cacopiloga

Subfamily Laphrinae

Atomosia sayi

Atomosia puella


I wish to thank Drs. Eric Fisher and Herschel Raney for their help in identifications.

Herschel Raney, Oklahoma Robber Flies

Herschel Raney, Key to the Efferia of the Eastern United States

Family Asilidae - Robber Flies in

Schaefer, K.F. (1968): The Asilinae (Diptera, Asilidae) of Oklahoma.
Proceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Science 47: 114-124;

Wilcox, J. (1966): Efferia Coquillett in America North of Mexico (Diptera, Asilidae).
Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences 34: 85-234.

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