Grasshoppers of Texhoma-Goodwell
Texas County, Oklahoma
Order Orthoptera - Family Acrididae
Kurt Schaefer

Subfamily Romalinae - Lubber Grasshoppers
Subfamily Cyrtacanthacridinae - Spurthroated Grasshoppers
Subfamily Gomphocerinae - Stridulating Slantfaced Grasshoppers
Subfamily Oedipodinae - Banded-winged Grasshoppers

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Species Name Common Name
Subfamily Romalinae - Lubber Grasshoppers

Large, heavy bodied; Wings small, dotted, paddle shaped
X Brachystola magna Plains lubber grasshopper

Subfamily Cyrtacanthacridinae - Spurthroated Grasshoppers
X Aeoloplides turnbulli Russian-thistle grasshopper
X Campylacantha olivacea Fuzzy olive-green grasshopper
X Dactylotum bicolor Pictured grasshopper
X Hesperotettix speciosus Western grass-green grasshopper
X Hesperotettix viridis Meadow purple-striped grasshopper
X Melanoplus angustipennis Narrow-winged spurthroated grasshopper
X Melanoplus arizonae Arizona spurthroated grasshopper
X Melanoplus bispinosus Two-spined spurthoarted grasshopper
X Melanoplus bivittatus Two-striped grasshopper
X Melanoplus bowditchi Sagebrush grasshopper
X Melanoplus differentialis Differential grasshopper
X Melanoplus flavidus Yellow spurthroated grasshopper
X Melanoplus femurrubrum Red-legged grasshopper
X Melanoplus foedus Foedus grasshopper
X Melanoplus gladstoni Gladston's spurthroated grasshopper
X Melanoplus glaucipes Glaucous-legged spurthroated grasshopper
X Melanoplus keeleri Keeler's spurthroated grasshopper
X Melanoplus lakinus Lakin's grasshopper
X Melanoplus occidentalis Flabellate grasshopper
X Melanoplus packardii Packard's grasshopper
X Melanoplus regalis Regal spurthroated grasshopper
X Melanoplus sanguinipes Migratory grasshopper
X Phoetaliotes nebrascensis Large-headed grasshopper
X Schistocerca nitens Gray bird grasshopper
X Schistocerca obscura Obscure bird grasshopper
X Schistocerca lineata Spotted bird grasshopper

Subfamily Gomphocerinae - Stridulating Slantfaced Grasshoppers

No Spine; Face usually slanting; Hind margin of pronotum truncated or obtusely-angled
Excepts in Acrolophitus, Green fool grasshopper
X Acrolophitus hirtipes Green fool grasshopper
X Ageneotexttix deorum White-whiskered grasshopper
X Amphitornus coloradus Striped slantfaced grasshopper
X Aulocara elliotti Big-headed grasshopper
X Aulocara femoratum White-crossed grasshopper
X Boopedon nubilum Embony grasshopper
X Cordillacris crenulata Crenulated grasshopper
X Eritettix simplex Velvet-striped grasshopper
X Mermiria bivittata Two-striped Mermiria grasshopper
X Mermiria picta Lively Mermiria grasshopper
X Opeia obscura Obscure grasshopper
X Orphulella speciosa Pasture grasshopper
X Phlibostroma quadrimaculatum Four-spotted grasshopper
X Syrbula admirabilis, Female Admirable grasshopper
X Syrbula admirabilis, Male Admirable grasshopper
X Psoloessa texana Texas spotted range grasshopper

Subfamily Oedipodinae - Banded-winged Grasshoppers

Hind wings banded; Hind margin of pronotum acutely-angled
X Arphia simplex Plains yellow-winged grasshopper
X Arphia conspersa Speckle-winged rangeland grasshopper
X Arphia pseudonietana Northwestern red-winged grasshopper
X Chortophaga virifasciata Northern green-striped grasshopper
X Derotmema haydeni Hayden's grasshopper
X Dissosteira carolina Carolina grasshopper
X Dissosteira longipennis High plains grasshopper
X Encoptolophus costalis Dusky grasshopper
X Encoptolophus sordidus Clouded grasshopper
X Hadrotettix trifasciatus Three-banded range grasshopper
X Hippiscus ocelote Wrinkled grasshopper
X Pardalophora saussurei Saussure's Grasshopper
X Metator pardalinus Blue-legged grasshopper
X Leprus wheeleri Wheeler's Blue-winged Grasshopper
X Spharagemon cristatum Ridgeback sand grasshopper
X Spharagemon collare Mottled Sand Grasshopper
X Spharagemon equale Say's grasshopper
X Trachyrhachys kiowa Kiowa rangeland grasshopper
X Trimerotropis pallidipennis Pallid-winged grasshopper
X Tropidolophus formosus Great crested grasshopper
X Xanthippus corallipes Red-shanked grasshopper

Nomenclature follows:
Coppock, Stanley, Jr., 1962, The Grasshoppers of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University Agriculture Experiment Station Processed Series P-399
Capinera, John L., Ralph D. Scott, Thomas J. Walker, 2004, Field Guide to Grasshoppers, Katydids, and Crickets of the United States, Comstock Publishing Associates
Thanks to Don Arnold of the K.C. Emerson Entomology Museum at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK for allowing me to examine specimens.
Thanks to David Ferguson for his valuable tips on a number of species I overlooked and needed help with.

Images copyrighted by author