Grasshoppers of Texhoma-Goodwell
Texas County, Oklahoma
Order Orthoptera - Family Acrididae
Kurt Schaefer

Subfamily Romalinae - Lubber Grasshoppers
Subfamily Cyrtacanthacridinae - Spurthroated Grasshoppers
Subfamily Gomphocerinae - Stridulating Slantfaced Grasshoppers
Subfamily Oedipodinae - Banded-winged Grasshoppers

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Species NameCommon Name
Subfamily Romalinae - Lubber Grasshoppers

Large, heavy bodied; Wings small, dotted, paddle shaped
XBrachystola magnaPlains lubber grasshopper

Subfamily Cyrtacanthacridinae - Spurthroated Grasshoppers
XAeoloplides turnbulliRussian-thistle grasshopper
XCampylacantha olivaceaFuzzy olive-green grasshopper
XDactylotum bicolorPictured grasshopper
XHesperotettix speciosusWestern grass-green grasshopper
XHesperotettix viridisMeadow purple-striped grasshopper
XMelanoplus angustipennisNarrow-winged spurthroated grasshopper
XMelanoplus arizonaeArizona spurthroated grasshopper
XMelanoplus bispinosusTwo-spined spurthoarted grasshopper
XMelanoplus bivittatusTwo-striped grasshopper
XMelanoplus bowditchiSagebrush grasshopper
XMelanoplus differentialisDifferential grasshopper
XMelanoplus flavidusYellow spurthroated grasshopper
XMelanoplus femurrubrumRed-legged grasshopper
XMelanoplus foedusFoedus grasshopper
XMelanoplus gladstoniGladston's spurthroated grasshopper
XMelanoplus glaucipesGlaucous-legged spurthroated grasshopper
XMelanoplus keeleriKeeler's spurthroated grasshopper
XMelanoplus lakinusLakin's grasshopper
XMelanoplus occidentalisFlabellate grasshopper
XMelanoplus packardiiPackard's grasshopper
XMelanoplus regalisRegal spurthroated grasshopper
XMelanoplus sanguinipesMigratory grasshopper
XPhoetaliotes nebrascensisLarge-headed grasshopper
XSchistocerca nitensGray bird grasshopper
XSchistocerca obscuraObscure bird grasshopper
XSchistocerca lineataSpotted bird grasshopper

Subfamily Gomphocerinae - Stridulating Slantfaced Grasshoppers

No Spine; Face usually slanting; Hind margin of pronotum truncated or obtusely-angled
Excepts in Acrolophitus, Green fool grasshopper
XAcrolophitus hirtipesGreen fool grasshopper
XAgeneotexttix deorumWhite-whiskered grasshopper
XAmphitornus coloradusStriped slantfaced grasshopper
XAulocara elliottiBig-headed grasshopper
XAulocara femoratumWhite-crossed grasshopper
XBoopedon nubilumEmbony grasshopper
XCordillacris crenulataCrenulated grasshopper
XEritettix simplexVelvet-striped grasshopper
XMermiria bivittataTwo-striped Mermiria grasshopper
XMermiria pictaLively Mermiria grasshopper
XOpeia obscuraObscure grasshopper
XOrphulella speciosaPasture grasshopper
XPhlibostroma quadrimaculatumFour-spotted grasshopper
XSyrbula admirabilis, FemaleAdmirable grasshopper
XSyrbula admirabilis, MaleAdmirable grasshopper
XPsoloessa texanaTexas spotted range grasshopper

Subfamily Oedipodinae - Banded-winged Grasshoppers

Hind wings banded; Hind margin of pronotum acutely-angled
XArphia simplexPlains yellow-winged grasshopper
XArphia conspersaSpeckle-winged rangeland grasshopper
XArphia pseudonietanaNorthwestern red-winged grasshopper
XChortophaga virifasciataNorthern green-striped grasshopper
XDerotmema haydeniHayden's grasshopper
XDissosteira carolinaCarolina grasshopper
XDissosteira longipennisHigh plains grasshopper
XEncoptolophus costalisDusky grasshopper
XEncoptolophus sordidusClouded grasshopper
XHadrotettix trifasciatusThree-banded range grasshopper
XHippiscus oceloteWrinkled grasshopper
XPardalophora saussureiSaussure's Grasshopper
XMetator pardalinusBlue-legged grasshopper
XLeprus wheeleriWheeler's Blue-winged Grasshopper
XSpharagemon cristatumRidgeback sand grasshopper
XSpharagemon collareMottled Sand Grasshopper
XSpharagemon equaleSay's grasshopper
XTrachyrhachys kiowaKiowa rangeland grasshopper
XTrimerotropis pallidipennisPallid-winged grasshopper
XTropidolophus formosusGreat crested grasshopper
XXanthippus corallipesRed-shanked grasshopper

Nomenclature follows:
Coppock, Stanley, Jr., 1962, The Grasshoppers of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University Agriculture Experiment Station Processed Series P-399
Capinera, John L., Ralph D. Scott, Thomas J. Walker, 2004, Field Guide to Grasshoppers, Katydids, and Crickets of the United States, Comstock Publishing Associates
Thanks to Don Arnold of the K.C. Emerson Entomology Museum at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK for allowing me to examine specimens.
Thanks to David Ferguson for his valuable tips on a number of species I overlooked and needed help with.

Images copyrighted by author