Heteroptera of Texhoma and Goodwell
Texas County, Oklahoma
Kurt Schaefer

Superfamily Pentatomoidea
Family Pentatomidae - Stink Bugs

Mecidea minor
Narrow Stink Bug

Brochymena quadripustulata
Rough Stink Bug

Holcostethus limbolarius

Agonoscelis puberula
African Cluster Bug

Chlorochroa ligata

Chlorochroa sayi
Say stink bug

Chlorochroa osborni

Euchistus latimarginatus

Euschistus servus
Brown stink bug

Menecles insertus


Thyanta accerra - Red-shouldered Stink Bug
Color Variable

Tepa brevis

Stiretrus anchorago
Anchor Stinkbug


Perillus bioculatus
Two-spotted stink bug

Podisus placidus

Podisus maculiventris

Murgantia histrionica
harlequin bug

Family Scutelleridae - Shield-backed Bugs

Homaemus parvulus

Family Cydnidae - Burrowing Bugs

Pangaeus bilineatus

Pangaeus congruus

Sehirus cinctus


Amnestus, 2 spp

Family Thyreocoridae - Negro Bugs

Cydnoides renormatus


Corimelaena pulicaria


Don C. Arnold and W.A. Drew, 1988, The Pentatomoidea (Hemiptera) Of Oklahoma, Technical Bulletin T-166 Agriculture Experiment Station, Oklahoma State University.

I appreciate Vassili Belov and Dr. B D Thomas of BugGuide for their identifications and Don Arnold, of the K.C. Emerson Entomology Museum for his assistance with this superfamily supplying information on a number of species.

Pentatomidae in Bug Guide http://bugguide.net/

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