Cuckoo Bees of Goodwell and Texhoma,
Texas County, Oklahoma
Kurt Schaefer

Males and Females are listed separately.
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Subfamily Nomadinae - Cuckoo Bees

Cuckoo bees appear wasp-like and are kleptoparasitic on other bees, laying their eggs in other bees' nest where the larva consume the food at host larva's expense.

Nomada - Male


Nomada- Female

Nomada probbaly texana - Female
9 mm

Nomada - Female
ca 24 mm

Nomada - Female

Nomada - Male

Nomada - Male

Nomada - Female

Nomada - Female

Nomada- Male

Nomada - Female


Ericrocis lata

Epeolus bifasciatus - Female

Epeolus - Female

Tribe Epeolini - Male

probably Triepeolus remigatus - Female

probably Triepeolus remigatus - Male?

Triepeolus - Female

probably Triepeolus concavus - Female

Triepeolus - Female

Triepeolus - Male

Subfamily Apinae - Honey, Bumble, and Digger Bees

This project could not have been completed without the aid of the Hymenoptera experts: Drs. John Ascher, Richard Vernier, and Mr. Eric R. Eaton, of for their identifications.

Subfamily Nomadinae - Cuckoo Bees in

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