Hymenoptera of Goodwell and Texhoma,
Texas County, Oklahoma
Kurt Schaefer


Subfamily Eumeninae ------ Subfamily Polistinae

Subfamily Eumeninae - Mason and Potter Wasps

Eumenes bollii

Eumenes fraternus

Eumenes smithii
Typical color

Eumenes smithii
Darker colored form

Stenodynerus percampanulatus

Stenodynerus percampanulatus


Stenodynerus histrionalis

Stenodynerus blandoides

Parancistrocerus fulvipes




Leptochilus rufinodus

Dolichodynerus tanynotus

Ancistrocerus lineativentris

Ancistrocerus campestris

Euodynerus annulatus
Color is variable

Euodynerus hidalgo
Color is variable

Euodynerus crypticus
Color is variable
female and male

Euodynerus pratensis

Monobia quadridens

Euodynerus, Male

Euodynerus, Female

Pterocheilus quinquefasciatus - Female

Pterocheilus quinquefasciatus - Male



Subfamily Polistinae - Paper Wasps

Polistes fuscatus
Color is variable

Polistes apachus

Polistes aurifer
Color is variable

Polistes exclamans

Polistes dorsalis
Color is variable

Polistes metricus

This project could not have been completed without the assistance of the Hymenoptera experts: Drs. Richard Vernier, Matthias Buck, Mr. Eric R. Eaton, and others of BugGuide.net for their identifications of these vespids.

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Vespidae in BugGuide.net

Matthias Buck, Stephen A. Marshall, and David K.B. Cheung, 2008, Identification Atlas of the Vespidae (Hymenoptera, Aculeata) of the northeastern Nearctic region