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    University College
    Director Carolyn McCargish

    Sewell Loofbourrow 316
    Phone: (580) 349-1422

At OPSU, the University College provides advisement and instruction in bridge coursework for students requiring academic assistance. Each student receives services based upon his or her individual needs and academic requirements. Courses are offered in small group settings with a combination of instructor-led instruction and computer-assisted instruction. Course work is provided in areas of English and mathematics. The University College promotes the following goals:

Oklahoma State Regents’ admission policy states that “Students must successfully remediate basic skills course requirements within the first 24 hours attempted or have all subsequent enrollments restricted to deficiency removal courses until the deficiencies are removed.” Please note, however, that bridge classes do not carry college-level credit and cannot be counted toward the completion of any college level program.

OPSU utilizes ACT test scores, and/or scores from the College Placement Test(CPT) for placement decisions. For any ACT sub-score below 19, a student will take the CPT for appropriate placement in bridge coursework. The following list includes the CPT scores required for placement in college level coursework:

CPT abbreviations:

SS – Sentence Skills
EA – Elementary Algebra
R – Reading

English Placement

CPT ScorePlacement
SS 87+ & R 70+ ENGL 1113
SS <87 & R <70 UCEN 0113 & 0123

Math Placement

CPT Score Placement
EA 73+ & R 55+ MATH 1473 or MATH 1513
EA 55-72 & R 55+ UCMA 0123
EA <52 or R <55 UCMA 0023

Bridge Courses

UCMA 0023 Pre Algebra 3 hours
UCMA 0123 Intermediate Algebra 3 hours
UCEN 0113 Basic English I 3 hours
UCEN 0123 Basic English II 3 hours

Studentx may test a maximum of two times prior to Friday at 4:00 p.m. the week classes begin. Exceptions must have the University College Dean's approval and signature

Students enrolled in bridge coursework through the University College program are encouraged also to enroll in courses from their area of interest/degree. The following college level courses are recommended to be taken in addition to bridge coursework in the case where a student needs more credit hours in order to maintain full-time status:


AG 1011 Introduction to Agriculture Industry
AG 1124 Farm & Ranch Management
AGME 1103 Applied Electricity I
AGME 1222 General Metals Processing
AGME 1432 Oxy-Acetylene Welding
ANSI 1124 Introductory Animal Science


ART 1123 Photography
ART 2113 Drawing I
ART 1433 Fundamentals of Art


BADM 1013 Introduction to Business
SESC 1103 Typing I

Computer Information Systems

CIS 1113 Introduction to Computers

Health & Physical Education

HPER 2001 Fitness Activity
HPER 2021 Golf
HPER 2102 First Aid
HPER 2222 Personal Health & Drug Awareness
HPER 2281 Tennis
HPER 2571 Bowling

Industrial Technology

INDT 1013 Woodworking


HUM 1000 Freshman Humanities: Selected Topics
HUM 3100 Popular Culture and Cultural Experiences


MUAP 1011 Elementary Guitar
MUAP 1111 Elementary Keyboard
MUPE 1111 Marching Band
MUPE 1211 Concert Band
MUPE 1311 Jazz Band
MUPE 1411 Concert Choir
MUPE 2711 Musical Theater Production
MUPI 1010 Strings
MUPI 1110 Voice
MUPI 1210 Keyboard
MUPI 1310 Brass
MUPI 1410 Woodwind
MUPI 1510 Percussion
MUSI 1513 Music Fundamentals


SOC 1113 Elements of Sociology


SPCH 2111 Forensic Activities
SPCH 3412 Art of Acting