Eldi Barrios Eldi Barrios
**For Immediate Release** Barrios Part of International Exchange Program By Laura Nelson on 02/19/2013 Goodwell, Okla.—As part of an ongoing exchange program, OPSU student Eldi Barrios traveled south at the beginning of February to attend Universidad Nacional de Villa Maria (UNVM) located in Córdoba Province, Argentina this semester.

The 21-year-old junior made friends last year with Flora Frete, a music major from UNVM that studied two semesters at OPSU. Eldi will stay with Flora for about a month, traveling and learning the new culture and practicing her Spanish before classes being in March. She will take businesses courses that will help her finish her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from OPSU. The Guymon native also plans to take a piano class, a hobby she took up when Flora started giving her lessons while she was in Goodwell.

Eldi, a Guymon High School graduate, is very excited to learn a different style of studying in Argentina, one that includes more visual learning and also encourages more class discussion. She also hopes to find a little bit of tropical Mexico, particularly Oaxaca, a place she has visited frequently to see family. This active student stays in shape with Zumba and playing soccer and looks forward to learning new dances, such as the tango and salsa in her new, temporary home country.

The eldest child in her family, she said she will miss parents Leticia and Miguel as well as brother Miguel Angel, who just graduated from Marine boot camp, as well as brother Josue, a high school student and younger sister Jennifer. She said she will also long for the spicy food she enjoys as she understands Argentine cuisine does not rely as much on peppers.

Eldi returns to Guymon in July, and while she has never been away from her family for this long before, she is enthusiastic and plans to share her experiences with her OPSU family.