Thousands of books were moved this summer in McKee Library to make room for renovations.—Photo by Danae MooreThousands of books were moved this summer in McKee Library to make room for renovations.—Photo by Danae Moore
**For Immediate Release** Snakes in McKee Library By Elaina Stewart on 08/28/2013

Previously published in the Oklahoma Librarian, Vol 63, No 4 (2013), July/August 2013.

Goodwell, Okla.— 100 thousand books on the floor, one hundred thousand books...take one down, pass it around,99,999 books on the floor.

This little ditty is what we are singing in McKee Library this summer. Yes, we are moving the entire main collection to make way for newly reorganized shelving and replaced shelving in the library's largest collection area. Plans designed by an architect include changing the placement and angles of the current shelves to make the collection safer and more user-friendly.

Director, Tony Hardman, having experienced this type of reorganization before, set in motion a "snaking" which has allowed the books from main to be placed on the open floor areas of the Youth Room, Electronic Resources Room, Reference Room, and Curriculum Room. Extra student assistants have been hired and have worked tirelessly, under librarian supervision, to move the books, a cart at a time.

If you are in need of whiff of musty, dusty, books...come by the library and we will put you to work. The end date for the project is August 1, but things are looking a little overwhelming for the completion of the entire event. As librarians, we all know that these kinds of projects have a life of their own and will end...when the fat lady sings!

See photos and keep up with the "snake" and other McKee Library happenings on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/pages/McKee-Library/103761708040 "like" us so we can keep our spirits up!

Update: September 15, 2013 is the new projected finish date for this project. "Miles" of books have been reloaded to the shelves and many student workers have earned "gold" library stars for their hard work. "Thanks" go to Kolbi Graves, Jeremy Collins, Virginia Leiter, Vanessa Fehr, Daniel Olowofela, Xazier Murray, Cheyenne Rice, and Mark Amali. The library staff is relieved and excited to have the project near completion. Everyone is invited to see the new arrangement of the main and curriculum collections. Don't be afraid to visit...there are no more "snakes" in the library!