**For Immediate Release** Final Results for OPSU Bull Test Submitted by Gwen Martin on 02/03/2014 Goodwell, Okla. — The beef bulls on the 62nd Annual OPSU Performance Test at Goodwell, Okla., were weighed off test Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014. In preparation for the February 24 sale, the bulls will be measured for frame score, scrotal circumference and evaluated on semen quality. They have been scanned for fat thickness, rib eye area and intramuscular fat. The bulls ended up with an average daily gain (ADG) of 3.83 pounds and a weight-per-day-of-age (WDA) of 3.02 pounds. Sixty-three of these bulls will sell in the 62nd Annual Bull Sale Monday, Feb.24, 2014 at 1 pm CST, Goodwell, Okla. The sale will be held in the England Activity Center at the University Farm with Eddie Sims as the auctioneer.

The top gaining bull on test is an Angus senior-age bull consigned by B&M Angus, Edmond, Okla. This bull, a son of Sydgen Mandate 6079 had an ADG of 4.94 pounds and a WDA of 3.26 pounds.

The junior-age bulls were led by an Angus bull consigned by Phil Light of Turpin, Okla. This bull had an ADG of 4.56 pounds and a WDA of 3.32 pounds. His sire is Connealy Final Product.

In the senior-age division, an Angus bull of Carl Cook, Galveston, Texas, sired by GAR New Design 5050, placed second on an ADG of 4.71 pounds. Al Rutledge of Stillwater, Okla., had the third place senior at 4.63 pounds on another GAR New Design 5050 son. The senior-age pen division was led by the Al Rutledge pen of three Angus, all sired by GAR New Design 5050. OPSU had the second ranked pen on three Angus sired by GAR OAF 1I2 Rito 7041G.

In the junior-age division, R J Hollon, Woodward, Okla., had the second place junior with an ADG of 4.36 pounds on an Angus sired by GAR Objective 8000. Two Angus consigned by J-C Angus of Moriarty, N.M., were third and fourth with ADG's of 4.30 and 4.23 pounds, respectively. One of these bulls is a son of J-C SS Objective 0852 and the other a son of B/R Future Direction.

The sale is set for Monday, Feb. 24, 2014, in the England Activity Building, University Farm, Goodwell, Okla., beginning at l pm CST. For complete test results and a sale catalog, contact Jerry or Gwen Martin at 580-349-1500.