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PBL Steps Up to the Challenge

Released by OPSU Campus Communications on 07/07/2015 OPSU OPSU

Goodwell, Okla. — The OPSU Phi Beta Lambda(PBL) organization is no stranger to the national spotlight and the 2015 National Leadership Conference (NLC) in Chicago June 24-27 proved to be no different as a number of OPSU PBL members finished in the top 10 in their respective competitive event.

It all started with a flight out of Amarillo and the opportunity for four PBL members to experience their first time in the air. Once back on the ground in Chicago, the opening session of the conference kicked-off featuring keynote speaker Ty Bennett, the founder of Leadership, Inc. As the four-day event continued, the OPSU students were able to enjoy a number of workshops and networking opportunities in between time spent competing in different events.

The students competed in the following events:
Sage Fischer-Accounting Principles
Jessica Lowery- Business Communications
Linden Robertson and Hannah Tatum- Business Ethics
Eva Dye- Cost Accounting
Colby Cochran and Ty Koonce- Financial Analysis and Decision Making
Ty Koonce- Financial Concepts
Eva Dye- Job Interview
Trey Fankhouser and Sage Fischer- Management Analysis and Decision Making
Colby Cochran- Management Concepts
Hannah Tatum- Marketing Concepts
Kaylee Storey- Public Speaking
Dustyn Murphey, Billy Van Hooser- Retail Management
Trey Fankhouser, Billy Van Hooser- Sports Management and Marketing
Ty Koonce- Agribusiness Open Event

The final night of the conference played host to the Awards of Excellence Program and five OPSU students were recognized on stage:
Ty Koonce-National Champion Agribusiness Open Event
Colby Cochran and Ty Koonce- second place Financial Analysis and Decision Making
Eva Dye -second place Job Interview, fourth place Cost Accounting,
Hannah Tatum-seventh place Marketing Concepts
Dustyn Murphey-10th place Retail Management
The top finishers in each event received prize money with a total of over $257,000 in cash prizes given.

Koonce said, "National Leadership Conference is composed of students that are the best in their state, making competition very high! Every one of them is book smart, but the successful students at nationals are the ones that know how to apply their knowledge they have acquired in the classroom. When a student understands the applications of their knowledge they become real-world smart. All of my professors have real-world experience by having previous jobs outside of the university, and they show it as well as teach it in the classroom. This helps bridge the gap that exists between education and the real world. I believe this is the reason why OPSU students are successful at NLC and in their careers."

The students were able to enjoy a number of attractions during their time in Chicago including Chinatown, Navy Pier, Art Institute of Chicago, and Wrigleyville.

PBL Adviser Sara Hitch commented on the trip saying, “It’s more than workshops, networking, and competitions. It’s a chance for these students to expand their horizons.”

Congratulations to the OPSU PBL members on a job well done!